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Graduate School Weekly Update

Welcome to the Graduate School Weekly Update!

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Training provided by the Graduate School can be booked via MyFuture.

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Graduate School Highlights

Future Ready

Employer Engagement Event

Open to all postgraduate students.

Employers from CitiAquaQ AnalyticsAllstateVanrathAFBI and Start360 will be coming along, giving students the chance to network with potential employers. 

Register via MyFuture.

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Photography Ethics with Savannah Dodd

Tuesday 18 June, 10.00-13.00, Training Room 7

Savannah Dodd, PhD student in anthropology at Queen’s, who founded the Photography Ethics Centre in 2017, will be giving a three-hour long, discussion-based workshop here the Graduate School.

This workshop will focus on ethical literacy in photography. Photography ethics are complicated, and contingent on many variables. Everyone will answer ethical questions in their own way, based on their own life experience, personal judgments, and the situation at hand. For this reason, the Photography Ethics Centre teaches photographers how to think critically about ethics in their own work. It is extremely difficult to make ethical decisions in the moment, and often these decisions have to happen in a split second. This workshop will present example situations, stimulate discussion, and raise questions to ensure that photographers are better prepared to field ethical issues when they arise. 

The workshop will begin by exploring what ethics are and how we make ethical decisions in our photographic practice. It will then discuss key ethical principles and will look at example situations to understand how we might apply these principles in different situations.

Register for this workshop via MyFuture.

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Postgraduate-led Initiative

Dissertations and Minding Your Mood

Wednesday 19 June, 18.00-20.00, Social Space

An event in partnership with Mind Your Mood that promotes student-led awareness around Mental Health. This session aims to help postgraduates manage dissertation stress, improve emotional resilience, and take a mental rest from research and writing.



How to use MyFuture

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Ongoing Training & Events

For All Postgraduate Students

1-2-1 Professional Support

Career 1-2-1 Appointments will be running throughout the summer.

Appointments can be booked via MyFuture. Once logged in go to
Appointments > Book an Appointment

*please note that these sessions are bookable 15 days prior to each appointment.

Guidance and 1-2-1 Appointments

Career Consultations at the Graduate School
A thirty minute confidential career consultation. Areas for discussion include: career choice, job hunting, LinkedIn profile, further study or CV guidance.

Academic Skills Consultations
Guidance on general academic writing style and grammar. We aim to help you find your own voice within academic writing to ensure that you reach your potential. Each session will conclude with take-away action points to allow you to continue to develop your writing skills.

Enterprise Consultations
Guidance around business or enterprise start-up and information on opportunities for finance, investment and further support

Please note, your CV can be presented on paper or on your own laptop. Documents on mobile/smart phones or USBs will not be reviewed.

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Peer Proofreading

Wednesdays, 16.00 - 18.00, Training Room 2

Peer Proofreading enables all postgraduate students to develop the skills needed for the effective revision and editing of their texts. These sessions address editing for consistency (tense, voice, style); citation; spelling; grammar, and self-evaluation. Techniques for developing proofreading skills will be applied throughout. Peer support schemes offer an opportunity for students to work collaboratively to enhance their overall learning experience at the Graduate School.

Please bring samples of your own work to use in each session. Pizza will be provided! Sign up now via MyFuture.

For all Postgraduate Students

PG Book Club

Reading groups are a great way for intellectual stimulation, expanding personal knowledge, but most importantly they are a social experience. 

Join us on the first and Third Tuesday of every month for PG Book Club in Training Room 3 from 17.00-19.00. Participants will have the chance to prompt their interests and propose readings to share with the rest of the group allowing members to read books that they normally wouldn’t consider. No need to book, just drop in! Refreshments will be provided.

'Conversation is a meeting of minds '

Join us on the first and third Tuesday of the month to share and discuss some of our best readings. To make sure every voice is heard and every member really enjoys the meetings, at the end of the session a different member picks up a book (or a novel, or a thriller, or a poem etc.) which may also gives us the opportunity to get out of our comfort zone and get inspired!

We, then, discuss their salient and most interesting aspects, what we loved or what we did not, what caught our attention, what parts were the most or least original. The aim of the Book Club is to share our passion in reading getting some time out from our academic works; share our ideas while spending time with new people and making sure we are enjoying our time together.

The club provides a safe and warm channel to exchange and challenge ideas, encouraging self-expression while enhancing your critical thinking.

Session Dates:
April (2, 16)
May (7, 21)
June (4, 18)

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For all Postgraduate Students

Summer Coffee Catch Up

Coffee Catch Up takes place at 10.00am every Wednesday throughout the Summer in the Graduate School Social Space.

Join us for some sweet treats & great conversation.

No registration necessary, just drop-in.

For all Postgraduate Students

Shut Up & Write

Join us for Shut up & Write, Mondays from 13.00 - 16.00. 

Shut up & Write is a movement that started in San Francisco as a way for writers to structure their time and connect with others.

It is a great way to carve out dedicated writing time and make progress on thesis chapters and assignments. Feel free to drop by for a quiet space to write with plenty of coffee and no distractions. No registration necessary!

Postgraduate Career Opportunities

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Postgraduate Career Opportunities

Please see below for other career opportunities:

The Graduate School recruits for Community Assistants periodically and will advertise on the Weekly Update as and when posts become available.

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Funding & Scholarships

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Funding & Scholarships

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For Scholarships administrered by Academic and Student Affairs click here.

For available funding by subject area please click here.



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What's on at Queen's

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