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Graduate School Weekly Update

Welcome to Tte Graduate School Weekly Update!

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Graduate School Highlights

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Coaching Skills for Leaders

5, 12, 19, 26 February, 10.00-16.00, Graduate School

A powerful and practical programme for those seeking to develop their leadership skills in supporting others.

The aim of this programme is to develop coaching skills within a leadership context that can then be used to help others to grow, develop and achieve success.

Application deadline 1 February: Apply Now!

Who is this course for?
PGR/PGT Students that have some form of supervisory/mentoring role.

What can you expect?

  • A practical, action-learning programme that explores the concept of coaching, together with practical methods where you will have the opportunity to practice your coaching skills and share learning with your peers
  • Gain an understanding of the fundamental aspects of coaching and reflective learning and discover the skills of questioning, listening, reflecting and supporting others and how they relate to coaching in leadership
  • Practice coaching skills on real issues with ‘coachees’ and peers.
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How to Start Your LinkedIn Profile

Tuesday 22 January, 14.00-16.00, Training Room 2

LinkedIn is an invaluable online networking tool.

This session is for students who don’t yet have a LinkedIn profile but would like to start creating one. Feel free to bring your laptop or tablet along to make the session practical.

Book now via MyFuture.

PGT Academic Writing

Referencing & Literature Review

PGT Academic Writing: Referencing
Wednesday 23 January, 16.00-18.00, Training Room 7
This is session is designed to help improve your referencing skills including using citations and paraphrasing appropriately for Master’s level writing. Book now via MyFuture.

PGT Academic Writing: Literature Review
Tuesday 29 January, 16.00-18.00, Training Room 2
This session is designed to help PGT you develop your skills in writing a literature review. It will explore the different techniques and elements required to write a clear and concise literature review. Book now via MyFuture.


How to Network at Employability and Careers events

Wednesday 23 January, 14.00-16.00, Training Room 2

This workshop is designed to help you build confidence in interacting with employers at recruitment fairs or as part of the recruitment process.

Entering a room full of strangers can be a difficult experience but being prepared and having a strategy will help you focus and network more effectively.

Book now via MyFuture.

For all Postgraduate Students

Coffee Catch Up

Our next Coffee Catch Up will take place at 10.00am on Wednesday 30 January in the Graduate School Social Space.

Our Engagement and Events Officer Kate McCorry will be hosting a presentation for interested postgraduate students to talk about our Semester Two programme in more depth.

Join us for some sweet treats & great conversation.

No registration necessary, just drop-in.


new thought leaders

Thought Leaders

with Professor Roger Woods

Thursday 31 January, 18.00-22.00, Graduate School Social Space

The Graduate School invites Thought Leaders from across a range of disciplines to share their secrets to success. This event will be led by Professor Roger Woods, Research Director for Electronics and Computer Engineering in the School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at QUB. 

Book now via MyFuture.

Roger’s research interests include computing systems architectures technology, innovative telecommunications hardware platforms and acceleration of Big Data analytics. He is Founder and Chief Scientist of Analytics Engines, a company which provides the business backbone for data analytics and management with the world’s most flexible, scalable data platform and which won the “ITLG Emerging Technology Award 2013” at the Global Technology Leaders Summit in the US.

Roger is Research Director for the Electronics and Computer Engineering Cluster in the School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and has actively been involved in creating new types of computer hardware, particularly using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology, to accelerate data analytics and enhance wireless communications. Whilst he has published extensively, he has always ensured his research has direct impact and has collaborated with industry. He is heavily involved in the local entrepreneur community and in the promotion of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence such as through the organisation of Big Data Belfast, a major yearly event in data analytics.  With the aim to explore a more direct exploitation of his research, he led the creation of the University spin-off company, Analytics Engines Ltd.  which provides the business backbone for data analytics and management with the world’s most flexible, scalable data platform. He has acted to bring a lot of this expertise to bear by developing a highly successful 3rd year "Engineering Entrepreneurship" module which involves students going through all of the processes of setting up a company to commercialise an engineering product.

The talk will be retrospective and observational and will act to will provide insights into the journey of setting up a successful company based on Roger’s experience of forming Analytics Engines Ltd. and indeed of some of his colleagues in their respective journeys of setting up multi-million pound companies. He will give an overview of how the company has developed and evolved and highlight critical moments and provide insights into succeeding with such an endeavour. In addition, he will also describe the Engineering Entrepreneurship module which directly engages 3rd year engineering students in entrepreneurship in a highly practical manner. Indeed, one of the students from last year’s cohort will also share his experiences of having taken the course.

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Informal Meet-Up

Innovation After Hours

Thursday 7 February, 18.00-19.30, Graduate School Social Space

Innovation After Hours is a chance to meet up with people who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship, to build networks and be inspired by people who are doing interesting things.

It’s an informal meet-up, so drop in, enjoy some refreshments and make some interesting new connections!

Work more Effectively

Unlock the Power of Your Personality Type

Wednesday 30 January or Monday 25 February, 10.00 - 16.00, Training Room 2

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is used to determine differing strengths and types of personalities. At this workshop, find out how it works, the benefits of knowing your type and how this can help you communicate more effectively in your study and work.  Join us for this interactive, enjoyable and informative workshop.  No prior preparation is required. 

Book now via MyFuture.

Assessment Centre

Often as part of the recruitment process, you are invited to attend an assessment centre.  This is an opportunity for employers to set certain exercises to allow candidates to demonstrate the necessary skillset for the job. 

Two such activities are a role play exercise and a group exerciseThese practice sessions will give you an opportunity to practise the skills necessary to get you future ready.

1. Role Play Exercise

7 February 2019, 1.30pm – 4.00pm

We will start the session with an introduction on what to expect at the role play exercise and how to succeed.  You will then have an opportunity to practise a role play exercise in a small group with other students.  No prior preparation is required.

Book via MyFuture

2. Group Exercise – Tips and Example of a Group Exercise

28 January 2019, 10.00am – 1.00pm

We will start the session with an introduction on what to expect at the group exercise and how to succeed.  You will then have an opportunity to practise a group exercise in a small group with other students.  No prior preparation is required.

Book via MyFuture

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Hello from your Postgraduate Student Officer - Rachel Powell

Hello from your Postgraduate Student Officer

Rachel Powell

There is plenty going on in Semester Two that is relevant to PG students that I wanted to make you all aware of:

Drop-In PG: I will be in Teaching Room 9 every Tuesday of term time from 10am-4pm. Please feel free if you have any questions or queries at all. If you have any queries outside of this time, keep an eye out for the Students’ Union box and comment cards that you can fill out in the Graduate School. I also send a Monthly PG Newsletter so keep an eye out for this for all of the up-to-date QUBSU information!

Elections: Would you like to be the next Postgraduate Student Officer? If so, nominations are open to pit yourself forward to become a student leader between Mon 7 Jan – Wed 13 Feb. You can find out about all of the roles, read about why to stand and put yourself forward and stand for election.

If you can see yourself running for any of the roles available, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. You can also contact change@qub.ac.uk to find out more!

Parents’ and Carers’ Network:
We have launched a brand new network for students with dependants. If you're a parent or carer, please join by filling out this form. We'll keep you up to date with info and events relevant to you. We're also launching a student-wide survey to assess the needs of students with dependants at Queen's. If you're a student parent or carer, please fill out this survey and if you know any students who would fit the bill, please send on to them.

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Postgraduate Career Opportunities

Don't miss out!

Postgraduate Career Opportunities

The Graduate School recruits for Community Assistants periodically and will advertise on the Weekly Update as and when posts become available.

Please see below for other career opportunities:

Funding & Scholarships

Find out more!

Funding & Scholarships

For information on the latest Funding and Scholarship opportunities click here to find out more.

To be taken through to our Funding and Scholarships webpage click here.

For Scholarships administrered by Academic and Student Affairs click here.

For available funding by subject area please click here.


What's on at Queen's

Find out what's happening now at Queen's!

What's on at Queen's

Don't miss out on the exciting events going on at Queen's right now.

Click here now to find out more.

What's On in Belfast and Beyond

Things to Do!

What's on in Belfast and Beyond

Whatever the time of year you choose to visit Belfast you’ll always find activities and events to keep you busy and entertained.

Click here now to find out what's on!

Ongoing Training & Events

For All Postgraduate Students

Career 1-2-1 Appointments

Career 1-2-1 Appointments will be running across Semester 2.

Appointments can be booked via MyFuture. Once logged in go to

Appointments > Book an Appointment

*please note that these sessions are bookable 15 days prior to each appointment.

Guidance and 1-2-1 Appointments

Career Consultations at the Graduate School
Partake in a thirty minute confidential career consultation with a qualified Employability and Careers Officer.

Postgraduate Research Consultant
The Graduate School’s Postgraduate Research Consultant, with an interdisciplinary background in Psychology, Education and Gesture Studies, offers career support and guidance to PhD students and early career researchers at QUB.

Now available: new and innovative learning programmes aimed at developing future-ready and resilient researchers, who perform confidently in a currently challenging employment market.

Researcher Development Consultant
Appointments with the Researcher Development Consultant at the Graduate School offer PhD students career support and guidance. Topics that can be discussed at these appointments include:

  • Careers after the PhD
  • How to transfer academic skills to non-academic work environments
  • Review of job application documents
  • Interview Preparation

Graduate School Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Entrepreneurship and innovation consultations give you the opportunity to discuss the following:

  • Ideas you have to start a business or social enterprise.
  • Support with setting up a business.
  • Advice on where to get started as an entrepreneur.
  • Guidance on specific support you need.
  • Signposting to opportunities for finance and investment.
  • Information on the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa.

CV Clinic at the Graduate School
A fifteen minute confidential CV assessment with a qualified Employability and Careers Officer.

Would you like feedback on your current CV? This CV Clinic will assess your CV’s layout and content. If you are applying for an immediate job, please bring the relevant information with you to this appointment. A job description and person specification will enable staff to provide criteria-specific guidance.

Please note, your CV can be presented on paper or on your own laptop. Documents on mobile/smart phones or USBs will not be reviewed.

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For all Postgraduate Students

Coffee Catch Up

Coffee Catch takes place at 10.00am on the last Wednesday of every month in the Graduate School Social Space.

Join us for some sweet treats & great conversation.

No registration necessary, just drop-in

For all Postgraduate Students

Mindful Meditation

Join us on Wednesdays, 13.10, Wellbeing Room, Main Site Tower (School of Law) for some Mindful Meditation led by Orla Wallace.

Each class will integrate mindful movement, relaxation and seated meditation.

Drop-in – no need to register

Open to all postgraduates!


For all Postgraduate Students

Shut Up & Write

Join us for Shut up & Write, Mondays from 13.00 - 16.00. 

Shut up & Write is a movement that started in San Francisco as a way for writers to structure their time and connect with others. It is a great way to carve out dedicated writing time and make progress on thesis chapters and assignments.

Feel free to drop by for a quiet space to write with plenty of coffee and no distractions.

No registration necessary!

PG Book Club

Upcoming Sessions: 22 Jan, 5, 19 Feb

Reading groups are a great way for intellectual stimulation, expanding personal knowledge, but most importantly they are a social experience. 

Join us on the first and Third Tuesday of every month for PG Book Club in Training Room 3 from 17.00-19.00.

Participants will have the chance to prompt their interests and propose readings to share with the rest of the group allowing members to read books that they normally wouldn’t consider. No need to book, just drop in! Refreshments will be provided.

'Conversation is a meeting of minds '

Join us on the first and third Tuesday of the month to share and discuss some of our best readings. To make sure every voice is heard and every member really enjoys the meetings, at the end of the session a different member picks up a book (or a novel, or a thriller, or a poem etc.) which may also gives us the opportunity to get out of our comfort zone and get inspired!

We, then, discuss their salient and most interesting aspects, what we loved or what we did not, what caught our attention, what parts were the most or least original. The aim of the Book Club is to share our passion in reading getting some time out from our academic works; share our ideas while spending time with new people and making sure we are enjoying our time together.

The club provides a safe and warm channel to exchange and challenge ideas, encouraging self-expression while enhancing your critical thinking.

Session Dates:
November (6, 20)
December (4, 17)
January (8, 22)
February (5, 19)

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