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REMEDIATE Work Package 2

Environmental chemistry and toxicology approaches to site assessments

The work package leader is Cranfield University, with Queen's University Belfast, the University of Duisberg-Essen, T.E. Laboratories Ltd, and the University of Turin also participating.

In this work package we will develop improved methods for investigating the environmental chemistry of contaminated land.

Measuring the effects of contamination and, in particular, the fraction of contaminant that is biologically available will give us a more complete understanding of the impact on receptors – the term for anything affected by contamination, usually a person, an animal, a plant, an eco-system, a property, or any controlled water.

Our new approaches will allow the assessment of the impact of contamination on potential receptors through the real time measurement of contaminant concentrations, identification of contamination sources, and use of analyses including bioavailability or bioaccessibility testing and toxicity testing.

Incorporating our results through an established risk assessment methodology or framework will give us a better idea of the suitability of proposed remedial measures. Project partners will provide data and site access for the application of research outputs in the real world.

Early Stage Reserachers involved in this work package are:

Tatiana Cocerva