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Abstracts pt. 5

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Confirmatory factor analysis of the self-report Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire, European Journal of Psychological Assessment, Percy, A., McCrystal, P Higgins, K. (2008), 24,1, 43-48.

The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) is a widely used 25-item screener for emotional and behavioural problems in children and young people. This study attempted to critically examine the factor structure of the adolescent self-report version. As part of an ongoing longitudinal cohort study, a total of 3,753 pupils completed the SDQ when aged 12. Model fit of the confirmatory factor analysis baseline model was modest, providing limited support for the hypothesized five component structure. The analyses suggested a number of weaknesses within the component structure of the self-report SDQ, particularly in relation to the reverse coded items.