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Global Intellectual Property and Technology Centre (G-IPTech)


Our research focuses on the intersection of competition law and innovation. We explore the challenges and opportunities arising from rapid technological developments in the global economy. Our aim is to provide actionable insights and recommendations for promoting competition and innovation in the digital age. Research topics within this cluster include:

(1) Role of Competition Law in Promoting Innovation and Economic Growth: We analyze how competition law promotes innovation and supports economic growth. This involves examining the use of competition policy to address market failures and facilitate the development of new technologies.

(2) Impact of Disruptive Digital Technologies on Competition and Innovation: We investigate how digital technologies affect competition and innovation. This includes studying the rise of platform markets and identifying potential digital barriers to entry. We also assess how competition law can effectively address challenges posed by disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence and big data. Additionally, we explore strategies for promoting fair and open competition in the digital age.

(3) Role of Competition Law in Regulating the Digital Economy: We examine the role of competition law in regulating the digital economy. This includes addressing issues related to anti-competitive practices, mergers and acquisitions, and the abuse of market power.

(4) Intersection of Competition Law and Intellectual Property: We explore the delicate balance between protecting intellectual property rights and promoting competition.

(5) Intersection of Competition Law and Sustainability: We investigate how competition law can contribute to sustainability efforts. This includes exploring the use of competition policy to promote green innovation and support the transition to a low-carbon economy.


Prof Marek Martyniszyn


Marek Martyniszyn, Intel, iiyama and Air Cargo: Far-Reaching Extraterritorial Application of EU Competition Law, 43(11) European Competition Law Review 505-512 (2022)

Marek Martyniszyn, Developing Countries’ Experience with Extraterritoriality in Competition Law, Report of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD/DITC/CPLP/2021/3, December 2021

Marek Martyniszyn, ‘Extraterritoriality in EU Competition Law’ in NC Rodrigues (ed), Extraterritoriality of EU Economic Law (Springer 2021) 29-57

Marek Martyniszyn, ‘Competitive Harm Crossing Borders Regulatory Gaps and a Way Forward’ (2021) 17(3) Journal of Competition Law & Economics 686-707.