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Global Intellectual Property and Technology Centre (G-IPTech)

Digital Human Rights

Our research focuses on the intersection of technology and human rights, with a particular emphasis on safeguarding individuals' rights in the online realm. We explore the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age and aim to provide insights and recommendations for promoting and protecting human rights in the digital space. Our research topics encompass:

(1) Development and analysis of legal frameworks and policies that protect human rights online, including freedom of expression, privacy, access to information, freedom to conduct business, due process, and the influence of international agreements on online human rights.

(2) Examination of the impact of algorithms and AI on human rights online, addressing issues of bias, discrimination, and surveillance.

(3) Investigation of the role of social media platforms in either promoting or hindering the exercise of human rights online, with a focus on freedom of expression, privacy, and access to information.

(4) Assessment of the repercussions of internet shutdowns and digital censorship on human rights, including the right to access information and freedom of expression.

(5) Exploration of the intersection between human rights and cybersecurity, emphasizing the right to privacy and security of personal data.

(6) Evaluation of how technology affects the enjoyment of human rights by vulnerable groups, such as children, refugees, and marginalized communities.

(7) Consideration of the potential for utilizing technology to advance and safeguard human rights, including the use of digital tools for monitoring and reporting human rights abuses, as well as the development of new technologies that support human rights.


Dr Elizabeth Agnew

Prof Giancarlo Frosio

Dr Ciara Hackett

Prof John Morison

Prof Therese Murphy

Dr Ciarán O’Kelly

Ethan Shattock

Dr Liam Sunner


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