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Global Intellectual Property and Technology Centre (G-IPTech)


This research area focuses on exploring the legal challenges and opportunities posed by the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights on a global scale. This is a rapidly evolving field with significant implications for a wide range of industries and sectors. The research cluster could focus on a range of topics, including the legal framework for intellectual property protection and enforcement, the challenges and opportunities posed by global trade and investment, and the impact of technological developments on intellectual property rights. This research emphasis will explore questions such as:

(1) key international treaties and agreements that govern the protection and enforcement of IPRs;

(2) how IP laws differ across different countries and regions, and what are the implications for global trade and investment;

(3) the challenges and opportunities posed by disruptive technologies for global protection of IP rights.  

More specifically, we conduct research on topics such as the role and politics of IP in the global economy, the impact of trade agreements on the protection of IP rights, the challenges and opportunities posed by the rise of the internet, digital technologies, and artificial intelligence for IP protection at global cross-jurisdictional level, and public interest challenges within the present IP framework, including the Global South-North divide, access to knowledge, access to medicine, IP, green economy and sustainability, , and users’ rights offline and online.


Dr Billy Melo Araujo

Dr Jocelyn Bosse

Prof Giancarlo Frosio

Dr Alessandra Guida

Dr Eugene Lim

Dr Liam Sunner

Dr Pratyush Upreti


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