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Global Intellectual Property and Technology Centre (G-IPTech)

Platforms and Metaverse

Our research focuses on the legal aspects of platform regulation and intermediary liability in the online environment. It addresses the challenges and opportunities arising from the rapid growth of online platforms and the increasing role of intermediaries in facilitating online communication and commerce. Our research emphasizes the following areas:

(1) Analysis of the legal frameworks and policies governing online platforms and intermediaries, including data protection, privacy, competition, and consumer protection laws and regulations.

(2) Providing recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of these legal frameworks, promoting the growth of online platforms while safeguarding the rights and interests of users and other stakeholders.

(3) Investigation of the role of intermediaries in facilitating online communication and commerce, and exploration of the legal challenges and opportunities associated with their expanding influence.

(4) Examination of platforms' and intermediaries' content moderation practices, including handling allegedly infringing intellectual property content, and the impact of regulations on their business models.

(5) Study of the impact of international trade agreements and investment treaties on the regulation of online platforms and intermediaries, shedding light on the role of law in shaping the global governance of the Internet.

Additionally, our research is actively engaged with the legal issues and regulatory challenges posed by the Metaverse. In particular, the proliferation of virtual worlds and digital content in the Metaverse has raised complex questions regarding the protection and enforcement of IP rights. For example, we conduct research on the legal frameworks governing virtual property and assets in the Metaverse, examining how they differ from those applicable to physical property and assets. We also explore the challenges and opportunities presented by new forms of IP, such as virtual trademarks and copyrights, and how they can be enforced in the Metaverse. Moreover, our research cluster examines the intersection between the Metaverse and the creative industries, studying how content creators and artists can protect their rights in this space and how the Metaverse impacts traditional creative sectors.


Dr Elizabeth Agnew

Prof Giancarlo Frosio

Dr Eugene Lim


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