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Human Trafficking Research Network


The Human Trafficking Research Network (HTRN) was founded following a 2020 online conference on “Emerging Issues in Human Trafficking Research” and in response to conference participants’ desire to stay in touch and continue the discussion. Established and managed by a team of PhD researchers from across a number of academic institutions, the HTRN is currently hosted by the Human Rights Centre at QUB and run via an MS Teams page. Our membership contains academics and practitioners currently engaged in research or practice on the broad theme of human trafficking. The Network provides opportunities to present research in progress, receive feedback from peers and experts, connect with others working on similar topics and encourages a multidisciplinary research environment with opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.

The HTRN is established to serve the following key purposes:

· Forging and deepening connections between members of the Network and others researching or working in the thematic area of human trafficking

· Facilitating (academic) exchange and insight on human trafficking and related topics

· Gaining experience in presenting and discussing research methods, draft work and findings

· Sharing professional opportunities (funding, jobs, consultancies, events and publications)

· Promoting opportunities to develop specific academic/practical activities on the topic, including through cooperation

During the 2020-2021 academic year, the activities of the HTRN have included:

· A work in progress session, with feedback from discussants

· A joint submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons, especially women and children

· A two-day conference on the theme of ‘Challenging Assumptions about Human Trafficking’

· Networking sessions

 If you are researcher and practitioner working in the broad field of human-trafficking research, and are interested in participating in the network, please get in touch by emailing with a few details about your current research and/or work.

Blog Posts

In this blog series, HTRN members introduce their research on human trafficking and related topics. 
A Case For TWAIL Engagement With The International Human Trafficking Regime - Neiha Lasharie, University of Wisconsin-Madison