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Senni Määttä (ESR 10)

Governmentality of Public Participation in Renewable Energy

Project keywords: social acceptance, renewable energy, governmentality, power dynamics, interactions, processes

I am a social sciences researcher, studying social acceptance of renewable energy. I am from Finland, the land of a thousand lakes and beautiful nature. I did my Bachelor and Master of Social Sciences degrees at the University of Eastern Finland. My major was Social and Public Policy, and I focused especially on Finnish educational policy and the gap between the curriculum and everyday school practise in comprehensive education. I also have experience of working for the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, where I worked as a housing benefit decisions expert.

The gap between what is being said in policy papers and what is being done in practise has always fascinated me. I bring that fascination into my project, in which I seek to understand the power dynamics of social acceptance of renewable energy. I will approach the power dynamics with Foucauldian governmentality approach, aiming to identify strategies and rationalities of different actors in discourses and practises in the field of renewable energy.

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Senni's supervisors

Professor Geraint Ellis
School of Natural and Built Environment
Queen’s University Belfast

Professor Brendan Murtagh
School of Natural and Built Environment
Queen’s University Belfast

Dr David Rudolph
Department of Wind Energy
Technical University of Denmark