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AI Screen Skills Study


Research project to explore perceptions of AI in screen content production.

QUB Medialab are conducting a comprehensive regional research project to explore the use, knowledge, and perceptions of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies among professionals in content production. This important study spans across the Film, TV, Animation, and Games industries, aiming to gather a wide range of insights and experiences from individuals working within this dynamic sector.

Objective of the Survey

The goal of this survey is to create an in-depth understanding of how AI technologies are being implemented, perceived, and developed within the realms of content production. By capturing the views and experiences of professionals from a variety of roles and backgrounds, the research seeks to provide valuable data on how AI technologies are being integrated and perceived across different fields, helping to shape policies, education, and industry standards that align with the needs and aspirations of professionals like you.

Who Should Participate

Anyone with a role in content production that intersects with AI technologies, regardless of their level of expertise or knowledge in AI. Your contribution is vital in making this research as comprehensive and representative as possible. The survey is designed to be inclusive and accessible, requiring only 10-20 minutes of your time.

Participation in both the survey is entirely voluntary. If you decide to take part in the survey you may refuse to participate at any point and may refuse to participate or answer questions without having to give any reason.

Why Your Participation Matters

The findings from this survey will play a crucial role in painting a detailed picture of the current AI landscape within the screen sectors. This survey presents an opportunity for voices across the Film, TV, Animation, and Games industries to be heard, contributing to a richer understanding of AI's current and future impact.

We believe that a diverse range of voices and experiences is crucial to understanding the multifaceted relationship between AI and the screen industries. This survey is a platform for everyone, regardless of background, discipline, or level of experience. Whether you’re a seasoned expert with years of experience or a newcomer intrigued by the possibilities of AI, your insights are vital to us. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures that all perspectives are valued and considered in our research.

How the survey will be used

Data collected from the study will be fully anonymous and aggregated with data from other participants. Therefore, there will not be an option to remove your data from the study once you have submitted responses to the survey or participated in group discussions during focus groups.

Only the researchers on this project will have access to the data collected during the study. This data will not contain your name and you will not be identifiable from responses to the questions, unless you disclose information that puts your confidentiality at risk.

Following analysis of the aggregated data, findings from the study will be published in either a journal or conference proceedings, to be determined after data analysis.


How to Participate

To take part in this survey:

1. Please read the Participant Information Sheet section.
2. Please complete the Consent Form and Survey.

For any further information or questions, please feel free to contact Darragh Lydon (

.AI Screen Skills Study Participant

AI Screen Skills Study Consent