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To search the SWAR list please use ‘Find on this page...’ (Ctrl + F) within the ‘Edit’ menu at the top of this page. You are welcome to adopt or adapt one of these if they would like to conduct a piece of embedded methodology research.

SWAR ID Title Link (Author(s) & Date)
1) Citation screening in systematic reviews: Two approaches, two authors and time taken SWAR01 Declan Devane (2022 Aug 25 1552)
2) Effects of reading a written summary or listening to a summary podcast on knowledge and understanding of the findings of a systematic review. SWAR02 Mike Clarke (2013 JUL 19 1210)
3) To investigate whether supplying Cochrane Eyes and Vision review author teams with a protocol template reduces the time to publication of the protocol and time required to support the team by staff at the editorial base. SWAR 03 Jennifer Evans and Cochrane Eyes and Vision (2015 SEP 15 0906) 
5)  Incentives to trialists for sharing individual participant data  SWAR 05 Areti Angeliki Veroniki (2015 DEC 30 1423)
6) Measuring the time taken for activities in systematic reviews to identify the most rewarding targets to test strategies that might save time SWAR06 Rebekah Burrow (2016 MAR 8 1509)
8) Finding eligible studies efficiently SWAR08 Rebekah Burrow (2017 JUN 21 1135)

Use of 1:1 sessions for training and supporting novice reviewers in the conduct of online systematic reviewing tasks

SWAR09 Amy Price (2016 JAN 21 1456)

Comparing training strategies for reviewers learning to use software tools for systematic reviews

SWAR10 Amy Price (2016 JAN 21 1520)
11) Comparison of contacting non-responding authors of included studies by telephone versus email for additional study information. SWAR11 Kristin Julianna Danko (2016 AUG 15 1249)
12) Contacting authors about additional study data – a randomised study comparing two strategies  SWAR12 K├Ąthe Goossen, Tanja Rombey and Dawid Pieper (2020 JAN 15 2208)
13)  Performing an adequate search strategy  SWAR13 Raigam Jafet Martinez-Portilla (2020 MAY 11 1038) 
14)  Comparison of data extraction techniques (Covidence versus Word-form) for reviewers doing their first systematic review  SWAR14 Ali Mulhem (2020 JUN 8 0955) 
15) Strategies for obtaining study conduct information from trial investigators to assist with the assessment of risk of bias using the Cochrane Risk of Bias 2 tool  SWAR15 J Higgins, J Savovic, E Tomlinson, F Spiga (2021 SEP 29 1525)
16) Consideration of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in 
systematic reviews
SWAR16 Alyson Huntley (2022 JUL 1 2238)
17) Do meta-meta-analyses lead to biased results: meta-research 
into overviews of systematic reviews?
SWAR17 Ruvistay Gutierrez-Arias (2022 DEC 1 1050)
18) Strategies for managing primary study overlap in overviews 
of systematic reviews of exercise-related interventions
SWAR18 Ruvistay Gutierrez-Arias (2022 MAY 1 1105)