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The SIM pharmacy offers students from all disciplines a dynamic platform to hone their skills within the Medicines Optimisation process, set within a lifelike hospital, community pharmacy, or primary care environment. Here, students engage in comprehensive learning experiences, delving into the intricate processes of prescribing, administering, storing, reconstituting, labelling, and dispensing medications—all while adhering to legislative standards and prioritising patient safety.


Crucial aspects such as patient counselling and collaborative clinical decision-making with both patients and peers are thoroughly explored, including navigating challenging conversations. Within this immersive setting, student healthcare teams simulate real-world scenarios where medication errors can potentially occur, facilitating a deeper understanding of contributing factors. These may include mix-ups between medications that bear visual or auditory similarities, or deciphering ambiguous instructions or errors on drug charts and prescriptions.


Through simulation-based learning, students grasp the significance of implementing safe systems and recognizing the indispensable role of effective communication among healthcare professionals and with patients in ensuring medication safety and optimizing healthcare outcomes.