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ARTS | 28 September, 2021

The Seamus Heaney Centre at Queen’s University Belfast has announced the appointment of Wendy Erskine, Denise Riley and Tim Wheeler as the Seamus Heaney Centre Fellows for 2021 – 22.

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HEALTH & SOCIETY | 28 September, 2021

The third phase of a UK-wide study exploring the impact of providing health and social care during the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a workforce under pressure, working longer hours and at risk of burnout.

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Queen’s University Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Greer has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Dubai Academic Health Corporation.

HEALTH | 27 September, 2021

Can a healthy lifestyle combat undernutrition and dementia?

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Shaping A Better World

Amidst this period of global change and uncertainty, academics at Queen’s are at the heart of local, national and international efforts to expand our knowledge of the pandemic and in helping society to comprehend a way forward.

Vibrant academic debate and discussion continues at Queen’s, virtually. Here we share a range of recent virtual conferences, podcasts and articles.

Shaping a Better World
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Supporting global efforts

Our research and expertise has contributed to the global fight against COVID-19: our scientists have been working on therapies for SARS-CoV2; our researchers have led leading clinical trials and our data / informatics teams and social sciences academics across a range of disciplines are working to support a better understanding of the social and economic impact of the pandemic.

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The Partition of Ireland: Causes and Consequences

In order to mark the centenary of the partitioning of Ireland, Queen’s University Belfast is organising and hosting a major series of online public talks.

The series addresses a diverse range of major themes, including the complex origins and legacies of partition, the Irish border in literature, the experience of minorities, and class-based and gender-based perspectives.

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