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How We Deliver

How We Deliver

The NITC offers services to wider industry through a number of avenues whether through direct consultancy or through funded programmes. We have been successful in delivering programmes for local councils, Government organisations and European Funding bodies. Whether through individual projects or collaborative programmes the NITC will work together with our customers to find the most appropriate approach to delivering the required outcomes in the most cost effective manner.

  • Industrial Research and Development

    Activities that address a specific industry need by developing and applying knowledge of existing and new technologies to deliver a usable result and aid in successful implementation for the end user.


    Unitrunk Ltd Robotic Press Brake Cell

  • Knowledge Transfer Activities

    Transferring our own knowledge and experience, along with giving access to wider academic knowledge, to industry.

  • Direct Consultancy

    Contract work agreed directly between NITC and a customer to complete a specific set of deliverables within an agreed timeframe.

  • Innovation Programmes

    Programmes funded by regional, national or European bodies aimed at helping companies become more innovative in developing new products, processes or services.

  • Project Management

    NITC has expertise and capability to manage projects of various sizes and complexity, using well established practical methods to ensure a successful project completion. These practices are applied to all projects we deliver.

  • Government Programmes

    NITC are involved in a number of Government funded projects as the managing delivery agents. These include the Design Development Programme and 3D Factory

  • Simulation Programme

    We also try to help companies to access funding opportunities related to their specific requirements – this funding mainly comes through monies available from regional development agencies (e.g. Invest NI: Innovation Vouchers, R&D Funding).

  • Collaborative Projects

    NITC also become involved in setting up, managing and delivering collaborative projects which have a longer term goal of research into an area of mutual interest for companies (whether from the same or different industries) and Universities. Again NITC would assist in the leveraging of funding from various sources to offset the costs involved in these types of projects.

Northern Ireland Technology Centre
Northern Ireland Technology Centre