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8th European Conference on Weaning and Rehabilitation in Critically-ill Patients


Instructions for Abstracts

Thank you for considering submission of your work to the Conference.

We invite you to submit your abstracts to share your knowledge and experience, promote discussion with colleagues, and offer opportunity to collaborate and stimulate ideas for future work. 


We welcome abstracts reporting research studies, audits, service evaluation, and clinical case studies.  In previous conferences, abstract presentations have provided a fantastic forum for showcasing the work of our attendees. 

Abstracts can be submitted by attendees from any professional background, role, and level of seniority/experience.

Abstract preparation

Abstracts should be no longer than 500 words (excluding title, author details, tables/figures and legends, and references), and ideally be structured using the following sections as a guide:

  • Title
  • Author details (names, affiliation/institution)
  • Background/Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion/Conclusion

Please include detail of any funding support received for the work.


Successful authors will present their posters during the conference, attended by members of the Faculty – posters will be in hard copy, not digital.  A PDF abstract book will be circulated to Conference attendees after the event.

The top 6 shortlisted abstracts will be presented by their authors in an Oral Presentation session in the Conference Programme (10 mins presentation, 5 mins questions).  Depending on volume of submissions, we plan to also include a Rapid Fire Presentation session (5 mins presentation, 1 minute questions).

All abstracts presented as posters will be awarded a Certificate of Submission.  The winner of the Oral Presentation (and potential Rapid Fire Presentation) will be announced at the close of the Conference.  Awardees will receive dedicated Certificates of Award, and complimentary attendance to the Conference (remunerated registration fee).


The deadline for submission of abstracts is Tuesday 28th February 2023. 

Please email abstracts to, and ensure you confirm your contact details.

By submitting your work, authors certify that all work complies with relevant guiding principles for appropriate scientific and ethical conduct of research.

By submitting your work, authors also agree for their abstract to appear in a Conference abstract book to be circulated to attendees following the event.

Abstract reviewing

All abstracts will be reviewed blindly by members of the Conference Committee and Faculty.  Author names and affiliations/institutions will be removed during this process.

Reviewers consider the abstract on the basis of the following items:

  • Relevance/importance of topic
  • Methodological approach
  • Data analysis and presentation
  • Interpretation of the findings and impact for clinical practice
  • Overall quality of presentation – style, legibility