Advances in Land Management and Resource Recovery

Advances in Land Management and Resource Recovery covered different methods to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment, and maximise the value of resources that were proviously treated as waste.

The session was co-chaired by Dr Giovanna Dino, Technical Administrator in the Department of Earth Science, University of Turin, Italy and Dr Tommi Kaartinen, Senior Scientist at VTT, Finland (Read more about Tommi here)


Neha Mehta
University of Turin

Reuse of extractive waste from abandoned mine site to restore land sustainability: A case study from Campello Monti, NW Italy
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Zoltan Sas
Queen’s University Belfast

Radiological characterisation of recyclable industrial by-products for concrete production point of view
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Silvia Contessi
University of Padova

The High Performance Solidification/Stabilization process: a case study of Pb immobilization through recycling of contaminated soil
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Lorena Zichella
Polytechnic University of Turin

Environmental impacts, management and potential recovery of residual sludge from stone industry: the Piedmont case
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(Please note - This was presented at the conference by Elio Padoan)