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University of Turin

The University of Turin (UNITO) is one of the largest Italian universities, with about 70,000 students, 3,900 employees, 1,800 post-graduate and post-doctoral research fellows. Research and training are performed in 27 departments, encompassing all scientific disciplines.
With reference to the most recent national evaluation of the university system (VQR 2004-2010), UNITO is ranked at the sixth position in the areas of earth sciences and sciences of antiquity, philology, literature, arts and history
UNITO is deeply involved in scientific research and manages approximately 500 projects per year, both at national and international level. The long record of participation of UNITO in the EU strategic research agenda results from 115 FP7 funded research projects, among which 33 UNITO- coordinated projects and 4 ERC grants as host institution, along with 15 H2020 funded projects (up to April 2015).
As for internationalization, UNITO is involved in roughly 450 formal international cooperation agreements with institutions from all around the world (South America, Mediterranean countries, India and China, in addition to Europe), including joint educational programs at undergraduate and doctoral level.

Technical expertise available to REMEDIATE fellows at UNITO includes:
- hydrogeology, environmental rehabilitation and aquifer vulnerability, with laboratories equipped for water analysis and physical-mineralogical properties of rock and soil;
- soil chemistry, land reclamation, derelict land management and potential release of heavy metals from soils, with laboratories for chemical analysis;
- mineral waste management, treatment and secondary raw material recovery.

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