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Ben Wheeler


University of Exeter

Co-lead WP 6, Contribution to WP 4

Ben is Associate Professor in Environment, Health and Inequalities at the University of Exeter’s European Centre for Environment and Human Health ( He is Centre co-director (interim) and a lead member of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Natural Environments and Health at Exeter. Ben’s research interests are in environment-health interconnections, health geographies and socio-economic health inequalities. Ben applies geographical and epidemiological methods to study positive and negative impacts of the environment on human health. Current projects include investigations of benefits of natural environments and nature based solutions for population mental health and physical activity. They also include study of natural environment health risks such as allergenic pollen and tick-borne disease. He collaborates with partners to apply evidence to inform health and environmental policy, including working with local authorities, Natural England and the World Health Organisation. 

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