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Mike Clarke


Queen’s University Belfast

Co-lead WP 1, Contribution to WP 2

Professor Mike Clarke has more than 30 years’ experience in rigorous assessments of the effects of health and social care in a wide range of areas. He has worked on some of the world’s largest randomised trials in topics as varied as maternity care, breast cancer and stroke and dozens of systematic reviews. He has an international reputation in the design and conduct of trials and evidence syntheses, including evaluations of their methods.  

Mike is a founder and Research Director of Evidence Aid, improving access to research for disasters and humanitarian emergencies. He is based in Queen’s University Belfast, as Director of the Northern Ireland Methodology Hub, Director of the Northern Ireland Clinical Trials Unit and Co-ordinating Editor of the Cochrane Methodology Review Group. Mike teaches widely about trials and reviews and is actively involved in a variety of knowledge transfer projects, including being Podcast Editor for the Cochrane Library overseeing the content of each of the more than 650 podcasts of Cochrane Reviews produced to date.  

He is one of the leads in Groundswell for our work on evidence synthesis: identifying, appraising and summarising dozens of systematic reviews of the effects of urban green and blue spaces. 

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