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Emergency Medicine Registrar Ready Course

Oral Presentation 1
Dr Chris Boyle, Dr JulieAnna Rankin, Dr Lorraine Bouzan

Emergency Medicine Registrar Ready Course

The Emergency Medicine Registrar Ready course is designed for ST3 level EM trainees to prepare them for Higher Specialty Training when they will be the senior decision maker out of hours.

To ensure all ST3 level trainees benefit from the learning experience, two courses are run each year.

This course is designed to provide candidates with essential management and leadership skills required for leading a team on call.

This is a simulation-based course.

Each course has 6 candidates which are supported by 12 faculty.  Each candidate is given the opportunity to lead a section of the simulated emergency department. Each section lasts 40 minutes and is followed by a debrief to address the learning outcomes. A nurse in charge helps guide trainees through the day. During the simulation a trainee may consult their colleagues if there is something they are unsure of, therefore decisions may be made together to support learning. However, the final decision will lie with the person leading that given section. The course represents a busy night shift. Each real hour represents 2 hours of the simulated night shift. Trainees are required to manage all aspects of the day including staff allocation and support, reviewing challenging patients and dealing with unexpected interruptions.

Intended learning outcomes:
To prepare Emergency Medicine Trainees for Higher Specialty Training.

A simulation based emergency department night shift exposes trainees to the challenging experiences that they may face. The simulation is followed in equal measure by a debrief, which ensures a rich and safe learning environment/experience. Feedback has been excellent on both courses completed in 2023.