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Opinion Polling

What do voters in Northern Ireland think about the Protocol?

Here we publish reports and analyses from the project's regular opinion poll survey of attitudes to the Protocol in Northern Ireland

As part of the project we are interested in 'temperature testing' public opinion on the Protocol and have commissioned LucidTalk to conduct regular surveys to determine attitudes on a range of issues relating to the Protocol and its implications for Northern Ireland. The surveys are being conducted every four months during 2021-2023 using LucidTalk’s online NI Opinion Panel. 

March Testing The Temperature 1: What do voters in Northern Ireland think about the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland? April 2021 TTT 1 - Data Tables

Related Analysis 

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Hayward, K. and Phinnemore, D. 'People across Northern Ireland fear that the protocol will damage political stability', The Guardian, 21 April 2021