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The Institutional Framework for Managing the Protocol

The implementation of the Protocol is overseen by an institutional framework bringing together a set of dedicated UK-EU committees established under the Withdrawal Agreement and a series of bodies established by or as a consequence of the 1998 Belfast ‘Good Friday’ Agreement that underpins the Northern Ireland peace process; including those created under the Northern Ireland Act 1998. 

Dedicated to the implementation of the Protocol are:

  • Joint Committee - the decision-making body for the Protocol
  • Specialized Committee - makes recommendations regarding the functioning of the Protocol to the Joint Committee 
  • Joint Consultative Working Group - forum for exchange of information and mutual consultation regarding the implementation of the Protocol

Feeding into the work of the Specialized Committee are:

  • The North-South Implementation Bodies established by the 1998 Agreement
  • The North-South Ministerial Council
  • A set of Human Rights and Equality Bodies set up pursuant to the 1998 Agreement