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QCAP and Market Development Association Establish Education Action Group

We have worked with our community partner to establish an Education Action Group (EAG). Its aim is to enhance the community as a site for learning, ensuring that all residents have opportunities to develop skills for the future.

The EAG is made up of academics from QCAP, MDA staff, and other key stakeholders from the local primary school, St Malachy’s, and post-primary school, St Joseph’s College, along with the local Sure Start, the Youth Centre, and residents from the community. They will meet every month to develop and implement an education strategy for the Market community. It is important to highlight that a multiplicity of views is critical to co-producing this strategy, and we would like to thank the members for their time and commitment.

The first meeting of the year took place in the St Malachy’s Youth Centre on Wednesday 25 January and proved to be an extremely beneficial discussion and a springboard for deeper engagement with the community’s education needs. Priorities will be agreed at the next EAG meeting, but issues discussed included Special Educational Needs, connections between the schools and providing alternative career paths and aspirations, and creating a partnership between the primary and secondary schools to ensure a smooth transition for the Primary 7 young people going into Year 8.  The feedback from participants was excellent.


"I thought it was extremely useful & engaging session. I look forward to future engagements.”

"Very informative and good views from all involved"

“Ran very well - was given time to give my opinions on each topic."

“Well organised and interesting conversation, I felt listened to and included”