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QCAP Produces Impact Evaluation for The Pantry Community Supermarket

On Wednesday 22 February 2023, QCAP visited The Pantry to hand over the printed version of the impact evaluation statement we carried out for Ashton on The Pantry Community Supermarket.

The Pantry is an example of a community supermarket that provides support for individuals and local North Belfast families experiencing food insecurity as well as other issues stemming from the cost-of-living crises. The Pantry model differs from traditional food banks in that it doesn’t just provide access to food or other essential goods but works to implement a multi-service approach. For example, in addition to shopping for weekly groceries Pantry users can avail of further support from trained mentors and develop skills in budgeting, debt management, cooking, meal preparation and nutrition.

To help better understand the potential impacts and social value created by The Pantry model, QCAP has utilised client data collated internally and external financial proxies from the HACT social value bank to develop a short impact evaluation statement supplemented by a social impact analysis.

This impact evaluation of the Pantry model and its outcomes to date has been presented in a printed brochure. This is used by the Pantry team to engage with new or existing funders to evidence the outcomes of the project and help secure funding to sustain and scale the services of this community supermarket in the long term. It is also used to improve engagement with the local business community to demonstrate the social investment offer and to help secure corporate sponsorship or other types of in-kind donations.