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Evening workshops are designed to give the members a hands-on appreciation of artefacts or related topics and change each year. For 2022, these workshops will be delivered over Zoom with the possibility of a face-to-face workshop in the summer.

Workshops are restricted to UAS members, the Hon. Secretary will send out details before each event. If you need to join or renew your membership, you can use PayPal here.


Scheduled Workshops

There will be 2 workshops in 2022.  These will be held on the 7th March and 20th June.  


7th March 2022

'How to Use Online Maps for Discovery and Research' with David Craig


20th June 2022

'Animal Bone Identification' with Judith Findlater

If possible, this workshop will be held in the Archaeology Department, QUB. Contact the Hon. Secretary to record your interest, as numbers will be limited.