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With extensive industrial experience, staff in the Centre can provide a range of polymer related training courses to industry including the following which can be tailored to meet particular requirements:  

  • Materials Appreciation:               Introduction to polymer materials;
                                                    Introduction to rheology of polymer melts.

  • Polymer Processing:                  Single screw extrusion;
                                                    Twin screw extrusion and compounding;
                                                    Blown film extrusion;
                                                    Tube and pipe extrusion;
                                                    Multilayer extrusion of film and sheet;
                                                    Profile extrusion;
                                                    Sheet extrusion and thermoforming;
                                                    Rotational moulding;
                                                    Injection moulding.
  • Analysis & Testing:                   Tensile and flexural analysis;
                                                    Impact analysis;
                                                    Thermal analysis (DSC, TMA)
                                                    Spectroscopy (FTIR);
                                                    Permeation analysis (O2, H2O);
                                                    Surface characterisation (energy, friction).

The Centre can also provide courses tailored to particular applications and case studies including:

  • Monolayer and multilayer flexible film products for food packaging;
  • Film and sheet for medical device and pharmaceutical packaging applications;
  • Film extrusion for textile applications;
  • Tube extrusion for medical device applications;
  • Multilayer tubing for automotive applications;
  • Polymer nanocomposites;
  • Polymer wood composite.

Please contact us for further detailed information on course content to enquire about bespoke training programmes.


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