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Within the Centre there is the expertise and facilities required to meet the priorities of the polymer industry and to carry out both fundamental and applied research in polymer processing.  The laboratories are equipped to undertake most aspects of polymer processing including studies on morphology, micro-structure, process control, rheology and physical properties and generally provide an essential service to those companies who do not have their own R& D facilities.  

Research staff in the Centre work side by side with industrial and academic partners across the world in developing new processes and innovative products and provide input to the implementation of new technologies. From brainstorming new ideas for projects to developing entire new processes right through extensive pilot plant trials before ultimately implementing these new developments into full scale production plants. 

The range of services offered to industry include the following:

  • Consultancy
  • Process design and assessment - process development and characterisation
  • Process troubleshooting – identification and correction of processing problems to improve manufacturing operations
  • Analytical services - methods development and contract analysis and testing of polymeric raw materials and products
  • Co-development partnerships - offering early access to development technologies
  • Education and Training - production of customised training materials and delivery of customised technical training courses for all levels of scientific and engineering staff, research seminars and technology updates 

For further information on support for research & development please visit Useful Links to Funding Mechanisms.