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Research Opportunities

Research projects at the NISRC covers a wide spectrum.

Some areas of research are as follows:-

  • Complementary Bipolar technology incorporating buried silicide technology.

  • Technology for the production of ultra-thin SOI substrates.

  • WNx and Cu high density interconnect technology for advanced integrated circuits.

  • Low temperature bonding of silicon substrates using oxygen plasma.

  • Thermal via technology for advanced bipolar integrated circuits.

  • Buried silicide ground plane technology for advanced integrated circuits.

  • Silicon micromachining technology for sensor applications.


These projects offer different combinations of microelectronics technology, device and process simulation, device and process design. The projects are all novel and in areas of strategic importance for future integrated circuits. They build on the current strengths of NISRC and may involve direct collaboration with industry. Application for further funding from research councils is planned in a number of these project areas.

For further details please contact : Prof Harold S. Gamble

e-mail:- h dot gamble at ee dot qub dot ac dot uk