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Getting There

From Belfast

Portaferry is one hours scenic drive south-east of Belfast and can be reached from either side of Strangford Lough. The most common route is down the scenic Ards Peninsula, initially following signs for Newtownards (10 miles east of Belfast) on the A7. At Newtownards follow signs for Portaferry itself (20 miles south of Newtownards) on the A20.

Alternatively, Portaferry can also be reached via the car ferry that runs from Strangford to Portaferry throughout the day. Strangford is about an hour’s drive south-east of Belfast. Follow signs for Downpatrick (20 miles south of Belfast) on the A24 and A7, and then onward to Strangford (further 10 miles east of Downpatrick) on the A25.

From Dublin

Portaferry is approx. two and a half hours drive north from Dublin. Follow signs for Belfast on the M1 and N1 travelling north through Drogheda, Dundalk and Newry. At Newry, follow signs for Castlewellan (20 miles north east of Newry) then Downpatrick (a further 10 miles north east of Castlewellan) and finally onto Strangford (a further 10 miles east of Downpatrick). The car ferry that runs from Strangford to Portaferry will take you across the Narrows of Strangford Lough.

Strangford-Portaferry Ferry Service

Portaferry is connected by ferry to Strangford. The journey time is approximately ten minutes. Ferries depart from Strangford then on the hour and the half-hour all day (07:30 - 22:30), and from Portaferry at quarter-to and quarter-past the hour all day (07:45 - 22:45). Further details can be found at 

Public Transport

Portaferry has local bus services connecting regional towns, which run throughout the day; bus numbers 9 and 10. The majority of these buses originate at the Laganside Bus Centre in Belfast City Centre. It is worth noting that the route from Belfast to Portaferry usually requires changing buses in Newtownards. The number 10 buses are recommended as they tend to be the express services; all other buses will have longer travel times. Buses with an 'A' suffix to the number travel down the inner Ards Peninsula and those with a 'B' suffix travel a longer route down the outer Ards Peninsula. Further details and a journey planner can be found at: