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Our research is supported by a variety of national and international industry and research funding bodies; we welcome collaborative enterprises as well as independent visiting scholars.

Facilities in Portaferry are used by resident staff and students as well as associated university researchers and external visitors. We are happy to help all users who can benefit from our facilities for research and teaching in marine science.

Our facilities include field-based teaching space, meeting facilities, modern laboratories, small boats, professional scientific diving, indoor and outdoor aquarium facilities with running seawater, mesocosms for highly replicated experimental ecology, and the engineering wave basin facility.

Strangford Lough is a national Marine Nature Reserve. Fieldwork and collection of scientific specimens are permitted under annual permits from the NI Department of the Environment to QML; no further permits are usually required for approved visiting researchers. However, any work involving vertebrate organisms requires license from the UK Home Office to the individual researcher.

For more information on opportunities at QML please contact our Senior Technician Emma Healey or Director Prof. Jaimie Dick

Information on our lab rates for 2022/2023 can be found here

Funding opportunities for international visitors are available from

Fulbright awards, opportunities for US citizens

Royal Society, International Exchanges scheme and postdoctoral funding

Ireland-Canada University Fund, travel awards for residents of Canada