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Symposium for Electronic Arts, Columbia 2017

‘Sounding Conflict - Aural Experiences in the Everyday'

23/07/2018 - Professor Pedro Rebelo discussed methodologies and strategies associated with recent participatory sonic arts projects in the UK (Sounds of the City, Belfast), Brazil (Som da Maré, Rio de Janeiro) and Portugal (Sou Cigano, Castelo Branco).


Participatory Sonic Arts

ANPPOM Unicamp Conference, Brazil 2017

23/07/2018 - Professor Pedro Rebelo's keynote address explores methodologies and strategies relating to participatory sonic arts projects in the UK, Brazil, Portugal and Mozambique

Tokyo Conference

Transforming Behaviour Through Musicking 19-22nd October 2017

20/06/2018 - Professor Fiona Magowan - Keynote Speech at Min-On Music Research Institute's Annual Report 3-Day Conference in Tokyo.


'Resonating Occupation Conference

'Resonating Occupation' Conference, University of Nottingham, 11th May 2018

11/04/2018 - Professor Fiona Magowan and Dr Jim Donaghey discuss the recent adoption and development of creative and innovative methodologies in the Sounding Conflict project to date.

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Legacy of Good Friday Agreement 2018

Marking Twentieth Anniversary of Good Friday Agreement, 6th-7th April 2018

18/04/2018 - Dr. Stefanie Lehner discusses legacy of Good Friday Agreement

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