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Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones discusses his latest song 'A New War'


Kevin Jones is a musician and anarchist activist from Belfast. He has toured across Europe and the US with punk bands including Empty Lungs and The Lobotomies, and continues to play as a solo performer. This interview is focused around his most recent song, titled ‘A New War’, which addresses the suicide epidemic in Northern Ireland, and its roots in the conflict here. Kevin highlights the startling statistic that more people have killed themselves in Northern Ireland since the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 than were killed as a result of ‘The Troubles’ conflict. (At least 4500 suicides to around 3600 conflict-related deaths during the Troubles (1969-1998). Based on the work of Dr Iris Elliot of the Mental Health Foundation – Dr Jim Donaghey spoke with Kevin about the inspiration behind song, with excerpts from the song interwoven to directly incorporate the musicality of this reflective expression.


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