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The Senator George J.Mitchell Institute
for Global Peace, Security and Justice

Tinderbox Theatre Company

Caolan McCauley

Caolan discusses the concept of 'setting against' and disassociation applied in her sound interpretation.

"When creating the piece ‘Setting Against’ my main objective was to demonstrate my own personal observation of the play ‘Ubu the King’. I focused my attention around selecting moments of heightened dialect and applied effects such as reverb, delay and reverse in order to generate a sense of disassociation. I felt this best reflected the mental breakdown of the main character Ubu as he entered into a state of narcissism, grotesqueness and absurd behaviour."

"Having researched the infamous history of the original play and the riotous reception it received. I wanted my piece to push conventionalities. I used an excessive amount of audio effects as a statement of obscenity. My aim was to generate a piece that felt delusional and unstable."

"All audio recordings used in the piece were on site recordings of both rehearsals of the play and live recordings of the play with an audience. We used spot mic and ambisonic micing techniques in order to collect our raw audio files. These were then processed in the digital audio workstation reaper in order edit and mix the audio to be able to create my piece."

Credits for Ubu the King

Creator Patrick J O'Reilly and Ensemble

Producer Jen Shepherd

Music Katie Richardson

Design Ciaran Bagnall 

Cast Claire Connor, Jo Donnelly, Tony Flynn, Julie Lewis and Rhodri Lewis

Image credits: Photos by Ciaran Bagnall 


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