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The Senator George J.Mitchell Institute
for Global Peace, Security and Justice

Tinderbox Theatre Company

Roan Guiney

Roan Guiney explains how his sound response took some unexpected turns.


"This sound response was mixed for binaural listening purposes, with a combination of ambisonic and mono tracks making up the response."

"The main suggestion for this sound response was the idea of Ubu giving a speech, leading somewhat to a revolution. Ubu could be just what the people need. The sound response consists of some unexpected turns, with further notions of things heading into a different realm. These are the impressions I got from watching some rehearsals and the performance at the MAC. The play was very unpredictable, I tried to reflect this within my sound response."

"The piece opens with what I would refer to as a ‘Welcome’ for Ubu. It then enters a short spiral, hinting something is about to happen. That something was the feeling of Ubu entering, to give somewhat of a speech to his beloved followers. We then go into a section in which Ubu’s audience are now listening intently to what he is saying. They begin to get more and more excited as Ubu gets through his speech. All aspects of this response can be heard from different positions, from the listeners’ perspective. The idea of this being to create a sense of physical presence, for the listener. Panning was particularly important for this piece, not just to help in the creation of the sound world, but to allow separate speech at the same time, to be heard somewhat clearly. Particularly from 1.:12-1:32, Ubu can be heard to the right of the sound field, with the audience to the left. Clarity for this section was very important."

"The final few seconds sees a change of direction toward Ubu, which was suggested at the 0:43 mark of the piece. In his speech Ubu portrays himself as a hero, but possibly he has deceived us?"


Credits for Ubu the King

Creator Patrick J O'Reilly and Ensemble

Producer Jen Shepherd

Music Katie Richardson

Design Ciaran Bagnall 

Cast Claire Connor, Jo Donnelly, Tony Flynn, Julie Lewis and Rhodri Lewis

Image credits: Photos by Ciaran Bagnall 



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