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Dynamic Study Opportunities

We offer an exciting range of dynamic undergraduate degree programmes in software engineering that are designed and delivered in partnership with leading employers. It is our goal, in the longer term, to become a globally-recognised centre of excellence for software engineering education.

We also run full and part-time variants of an MSc (Masters) in Software Development which allows postgraduate students to enhance the technicalanalytical and professional skills required to take on a range of roles within the ever-expanding IT industry.

These study options provide a solid understanding of software engineering principles and techniques, while also developing the ability to analyse software problems, create and evaluate software designs and develop and appropriately test software solutions. We ultimately aim to foster increased critical analysis and evaluative skills pertaining to software engineering while encouraging each of our students to actively engage with future technological and theoretical developments.



Employment opportunities in software engineering are excellent, as evidenced through the consistent and continued growth of the software sector.

A career within the profession is not only well-remunerated but also rewarding, with software professionals able to select between a range of career progression paths. Given the diversity of careers, the variety of skills gained from a non-IT primary degree are strongly valued by IT employers.

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