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Pharmaceutical Biotechnology




Welcome to the BSc in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology course in the School of Pharmacy at China Medical University (CMU) - Queen's University Belfast (QUB) Joint College (CQC).  Our teaching is provided by CMU and QUB academic staff members who are active in research and scholarship, pushing forward the boundaries of knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences to provide you with a high quality educational experience in preparation for your chosen career. 

The current generation of novel treatments for a range of global health problems such as cancer, diabetes, COVID 19 and other diseases have increasingly involved using large complex biological molecules such as antibodies and RNA.  The next generation of treatments being developed such as CART, stem cell therapies and gene therapies are even more complex involving the manipulation of whole cells and organisms to produce personalised and individualised treatments for patients requiring a deep understanding of the biological processes of disease to develop and use.


The BSc Pharmaceutical Biotechnology program is a three year programme which aims to develop the next generation of scientists able to develop these treatments, produce them commercially and see them successfully applied in clinical settings worldwide.

Taught in English by researchers and educationalists from two of the UK and China’s leading universities our degrees will give you the understanding of cell biology and chemistry needed to understand disease processes and their treatment, the technical skills to be able to develop and produce the most complex novel treatments of the coming generation. Rounded out by the commercial understanding and linguistic skills to take your place in this exiting and truly global industry.



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