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“Let’s do it again”: How to transform learning through double simulation

Dr Andrew Spence, Prof Gerry Gormley, Dr Davina Carr

“Let’s do it again”: How to transform learning through double simulation

Background to Workshop
Transformative Agency through Double Stimulation (TADS) is a theoretically informed model that aims to enhance individuals’ skill and behaviours [Sannino, 2015], which has potential use in healthcare education. Informed by the TADS approach, we developed an educational model where participants undergo a simulation, then detailed debrief, followed by a second scenario and debrief. In our practice, we showed the effectiveness of debrief and _immediate repeat simulation_ in improving participants performances and experiences. This highly interactive and immersive workshop will enable participants to design TADS scenarios and gain tactile experiences by undertaking double simulation, which they can introduce in their institutions.

Learning Objectives of Workshop

  1. Understand TADS application in healthcare education.
  2. Acquire knowledge to design and implement a TADS programme.
  3. Become proficient in creating a TADS framework to gain skills in developing and improving a programme.
  4. Gain first-hand experience of performing repeated simulation with effective debriefing.
  5. Explore the potential for TADS in an interprofessional approach to enhance multidisciplinary integration.

 Overview of Workshop

  1. Introduction and overview of the session format with outline of learning objectives.
  2. Discussion of the benefits of double simulation and an approach to designing and implementing a TADS programme.
  3. Small group work to explore development of bespoke frameworks, with feedback from facilitators.
  4. An interactive component where groups undertake a TADS sequence where participants:
  5. Design their own scenarios
  6. Undertake a first scenario followed by debrief
  7. Undertake a second scenario then a second debriefing
  8. Explore participants experiences of TADS
  9. Identify novel ideas and suggestions after delegates design and participate in their TADS model.
  10. Concluding remarks to summarise and consolidate learning.

Expected Impact
Participants will learn how to create and design a TADS simulation education session to develop in their own centres. Having the opportunity to gets hands on experience of the impact of double simulation at this workshop will provide experience being both the facilitator and the learner putting theory into practice. Overall, through acquisition of knowledge and practical experience gained in TADS, participants will be able to design and implement a bespoke double simulation programme in their institutions.

Maximum Number of Participants

Equipment Requests
Resusci-Anne manikin; Automated External Defibrillator; Oxygen mask; Bag-valve-mask; iGel airway; Laptop