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UK Courts

UK Courts play important roles with regard to the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland. A first role concerns its compatibility with UK law. Here, a range of applications for judicial reviews of UK government actions relating to the Protocol's adoption and implementation were made during 2021. A second role concerns disputes over the implementation of EU law in the UK under the Withdrawal Agreement and Protocol. Disputes will be considered by UK Courts which are required to apply relevant EU law. If, in the course of a dispute, questions arise on the interpretation or validity of EU law,  the Courts may refer questions to the Court of Justice of the European Union for a preliminary ruling in accordance with the Article 267 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. 


Judicial Reviews

14 Mar 2022  NI Court of Appeal re Jim Allister and others (EU Exit) - CA  Summary of Judgment  
24 Feb 2022 High Court (QBD)  British Suger Plc, R (On the Application on) v Secretary of State for International Trade Summary of Judgment
30 June 2021  NI High Court  re Jim Allister and others (EU Exit


Preliminary Rulings

Details of preliminary ruling referrals to the Court of Justice of the European Union will be provided here.