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North-South Implementation Bodies

Article 14(b) of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland provides for the 'North-South Implementation bodies set up under the 1998 Agreement' to make 'proposals concerning the implementation and application of this Protocol' to the Specialised Committee which in turn 'shall examine' the proposals.

There are currently six North-South Implementation bodies, two of which comprise of two agencies. Each body operates on an all-island basis under the overall policy direction of the North South Ministerial Council.

The North-South Implementation bodies and their agencies are:

Waterways Ireland

Food Safety Promotion Board

Trade and Business Development Body (InterTradeIreland)

Special European Union Programmes Body

The Language Body/An Foras Teanga/North-South Body o Leid

Foras na Gaeilge

Ulster-Scots Agency/Tha Boord o Ulster-Scotch

Foyle, Carlingford and Irish Lights Commission

Loughs Agency

Lights Agency


The North-South Implementation bodies have yet to make any proposals to the Specialised Committtee.