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Creating Impact: QCAP secures Naloxone Training for the Local Community

In December 2022, QCAP supported Market residents to take part in Naloxone training within a community setting, the first time this bottom up approach to training has happened in Northern Ireland.

On 17 December residents from the Market community took part in a Naloxone training session. This is the first training of its kind in a community setting in Northern Ireland. 

Naloxone is a medication that reverses opioid overdoses and saves lives and as result of local people completing the training, doses of Naloxone are now available throughout the Market community should they be needed in an overdose situation. 

In QCAP’s ‘Growing Up in the Market’ study, early analysis showed large numbers of residents citing substance use and addiction as the most pressing issues the community is facing, in particular there have been a number of drugs related deaths in the area this year that have hit the community hard.  QCAP was able to respond immediately by organising this training and working with our partners in the MDA to identify local families and stakeholders to participate in it. 

We extend big thank you to Iain Cameron (Buff), Manager of Drug Outreach service Extern, Dr Anne Campbell QUB and the Public Health Agency.


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