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Tackling Substance Use Together: Launch of Innovative, Co-designed Programme

The evening of 9th April 2024 saw the launch of an innovative substance use programme in the Market community.

The programme is the culmination of a programme of work undertaken by QCAP and the MDA, with Market residents, to co-design a substance use education programme. The programme is for Market residents who want to know more about tackling substance use.

The programme aims to increase knowledge and improve understanding around substance use focusing on signs and symptoms, side effects, impacts, supports and help-seeking, stigma, understanding addiction, harm reduction, and ‘what works’ in tackling substance use.



More than 30 residents attended the launch event on Tuesday evening.

The programme is led by Professor Kathryn Higgins (QCAP) and Professor Anne Campbell (QUB) and will comprise 6 sessions delivered on a monthly basis in the Market Community Centre. Kathryn Higgins reflected on the success of the launch evening:

This programme has been developed through a collaborative process, to ensure a robust and effective response to the place-based challenge of substance use. The programme seeks to inform and empower the community through education, awareness raising and an inclusive approach to programme delivery.


To find out more about the Tackling Substance Use Education Programme launch, please click this link.