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Public and Product Liability

‌Policy Cover
This policy indemnifies the University against legal liability for injury to third parties or loss of or damage to third party property arising out of the business of the University.

The following letter can be used by Schools and Departments to be issued to any outside party with whom the University contracts, bids or collaborates, as a confirmation that the University has the appropriate liability cover in place:

Terrorism, Asbestos, Clinical Trials, Professional Advice & Treatment, Medical Malpractice & Treatment, USA/Canada, Inefficacy, Radioactive Contamination, Contractual Liability, Employees, Custody or Control, Damage to Products, Aircraft Products, Fines / Penalties, Advice, Aircraft Watercraft Vehicles, Pollution, Personal & Advertising Injury, War

Territorial Limits
Great Britain, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands.

Includes activities (excluding manual work outside the member countries of the EU) in the course of the business of the Directors, partners, and/or employees temporarily engaged outside the territorial limits above.

Occurences worldwide caused by products supplied from or worked upon in the territorial limits above.


Liability Insurance
Liability Insurance