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Project Management

The Centre has a great deal of experience in Project Management and since our inception has supported over 80 grant funded and commercial tender projects.

We have worked hard to build a highly skilled and adaptable team that can take your concept and use our technical expertise to create some outstanding e-resources and research. Please do take a look at some of the projects we support.

Project Management

Elaine Reid has successfully managed the unit’s research projects of varying scale and complexity over a number of years.  She has project management skills developed in different environments, these include assessing project plans, developing implementation strategies, monitoring of key stage developments and adapting workflow to changing circumstances. She has considerable skills in the management of multi-group, multi-site projects.  Under her stewardship, all of the centre’s projects have been completed to order. 

To assist and deliver a tracked and accountable project we use SMARTS (SQL, Management, Accountable, Reliable, and Tracking System) - designed and created by David Hardy.  This is a PHP, MySql, JavaScript-based form, operating on an https apache web server.  The system can monitor the hourly and daily workflow of each individual. Any issues can be added to the system and moved to the quality assurance stages. Recurring errors will be monitored and queried with Quality Control.  The system is paperless and logs every transaction by all authorised users.  Access can be given to the researcher/supplier for general information on workflow, error tracking and quality. 

Each tracking system is designed in a bespoke way for each individual project.

Elaine Reid is Prince2 qualified.