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Past EPIC Students

 Research Students

Abbott, Dr Stephen (09-13)

Abdulkarim, Dr Abubakar (13-16)

Akmal, Dr Muhammad (08-11)
Assistant Professor, Abu Dhabi University, UAE

Alhajali, Dr Mounes (07-10)

Antory, Dr David (01-05)
Engineering Operations Manager, Rolls-Royce, Berlin, Germany

Asirvadam, Dr Vijanth (99-03)
Associate Professor, University of Technology PETRONAS (UTP), Malaysia

Brogan, Dr Paul (11 - 12)
Research Fellow Queens, EPIC Cluster

Bu, Dr Siqi (08-12)
Power System Engineer, National Grid, Wokingham, UK

Byrne, Dr Steven (10-14)
Embedded Software Developer, Randox Laboratories, Crumlin, UK

Cai, Dr Hui (09-13)
Industry, China

Campbell, Dr Sable (10-14)
BAE Systems, Glasgow, UK

Cao, Dr Jun (09-13)
North China Electrical Power University, Beijing, China

Chen, Dr Dong (09-12)
Senior Designer, Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Nanjing, China

Chen, Huifeng (Jacky)

Chen, Dr Jian (06-10)

Programme Manager, COMAC, China

Chowdhury, Dr Shyama (08-12)
Industry, India

Colandairaj, Dr Jeremy (03-06)
Network Communication Engineer, Northern Ireland Electricity, Belfast, UK

Connally, Dr Patrick (03-06)
Technical Marketing Engineer, Teledyne LeCroy, New York, USA

Cooper, Dr Alan (07-12)

Devlin, Dr Joseph (14-16)
Industry, NI, UK

Du, Mr Guanhao (14-15)
Research, Aston University, UK

Foster, Dr Judith (15-16)

Foster, Dr Sarah (05-09)

Fu, Dr Jiao (09-12)
Research, University of Chicago, USA

Ge, Dr Yi (09-13)

Gharavi Ahanager, Dr Hani (15-16)
Eirgrid, Dublin

Glover, Dr Neil (90-93)
Director, Glover Foster Associates Ltd., Reading, UK

Gormley, Dr Padhraig (06-10)
Research, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

Govindhasamy, Dr James (01-05)
Head of Manufacturing Science and Technology, CIBA Vision, Malaysia

Grimes, Dr Holly (05-11)
Industry, Belfast, UK

Guo, Dr Yuanjun (11-15)
Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, China

Hastings, Dr John (12-16)
Research Assistant, EPIC Queens University Belfast

He, Mr Zhengzhao (13-15)
Research, Aston University, UK

Horne, Dr Jonathan (02-11)
Managing Director, MPE Renewable Energy and Power System Consultants, London, UK

HR, Dr Iswadi (12-16)
Associate professor in Electrical Engineering at Universitas Riau, Pekanbaru City, Riau Province, Indonesia

Hung, Dr Peter (01-05)
Research Fellow, Maynooth University, Republic of Ireland

Hynes, Dr Peter (02-09)
Engineer, Titan IC Systems, Belfast, UK

Ihemadu, Dr Clifford (10-13)
Vice Rector, Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Unwana, Nigeria

Kerr, Dr William (16-17)
Thales - ORCID

Kruger, Dr Uwe (04-05)
Professor, Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

Liang, Dr Wuxing (06-09)
Senior Research Technologist, ALSTOM Grid, Stafford, UK

Lieftucht, Dr Dirk (02-05)
Research Engineer, SMS Siemag, Essen, Germany

Li, Yihuan (17-18)
PhD, Leeds University

Liu, Xuan (Andy) (17-18)
PhD, Leeds University

Lightbody, Dr Gordon (92-95)
Lecturer, Cork University, Republic of Ireland

Mack, Dr Ian (03-12)
Director, SDA Ltd., London, UK

Martin Almenta, Dr Macarena
Industry, Glasgow

McArdle, Dr Alison (06-10)
Research Engineer and Personal Trainer, UK

McDowell, Dr David (93-96)
MBDA Missile Systems, Bolton, UK

McGinnity, Dr Shaun (94-98)
Senior Software Architect, Openwave Mobility, UK

McIlhagger, Dr David (04-07)
Executive Systems Engineer, Thales, UK

McKenna, Dr Kyra (01-08)
Industry, UK

McKernan, Dr Adrian (06-10)
Research, QUB

McLorn, Dr Gareth (15-16)
Camlin Technologies Ltd.

McLoone, Dr Seamus (96-00)
Lecturer, University of Maynooth, Republic of Ireland

McSwiggan, Dr Daniel (06-11)
Engineer, SONI Ltd., Belfast, UK

Meegahapola, Dr Lasantha (07-10)
Lecturer, University of Wollongong, Sydney, Australia

Moran, Dr Anthony (97-01)
Research, UK

Niblock, Dr James (04-08)
UK and Ireland Sales Manager, Tektronix & Keithley, Peterborough, UK

O'Reilly, Dr Paul (92-95)
Industry, UK

Pan, Dr Li (04-10)
Engineering Manager, Marubeni Europower, London, UK

Pizzileo, Dr Barbara (05-09)
Research, King's College London, UK

Ren, Dr Lixin (99-03)
Senior Specialist Engineer, EPACS, Rolls-Royce, UK

Ribes Gomez, Dr Emilio (98-03)
Manager, Multi-Spectral Vision Unit, AIDO, Valencia, Spain

Rong, Dr Qing-Hao (99-04)
Software Team Leader, Danaher-Qualitrol, Belfast, UK

Tang, Dr Xiaoqing (10-13)
Research, China

Townsend, Dr Shane (95-99)
Software Development Consultant, International Planning and Research, Hayes, UK

Smith, John (12-16)

Sun, Peiliang (17-18)
PhD, Leeds University

Wang, Dr GuanYuan (11-13)

Wilson, Dr David (94-98)
Chief Engineer, Lockheed Martin, Belfast, UK

Wilson, Dr Giles (90-92)
Head of TV Compression, Ericsson, UK

Wilson, Dr Paul (00-04)
School teacher, Ballyclare High School, UK

Xia, Dr Xiao-Lei (06-09)
Lecturer, Jiaxing University, China

Xu, Dr Guoyi (09-13)

Yan, Dr Juan (Joanna)
Postdoc in Manchester, UK

Yang, Dr Aolei (09-12)
Lecturer, Shanghai University, China

Yang, Dr Li (10-13)

Yang, Mr Nan (13-15)
Research, Aston University, UK

Yang, Dr Zhile (12-17)
Research Instituate in China

Yang, Dr Ziqi (Wallace) (12-16)
Real Estate, China

Yin, Mingjia (17-18)
PhD, Leeds University

Zatari, Dr Ashraf (93-04)
Industry, UK

Zhang, Dr Cheng (Michael) (13-16)
Postdoc, University of Warwick, UK

Zhang, Dr Jingjing (09-12)
Research, University of Dundee, UK

Zhang, Dr Lidong

Zhang, Dr Long (10-13)
Research, Loughborough University, UK

Zhao, Dr Wanqing (09-12)
Research, Loughborough University, UK

Zhao, Dr Xiaodong

Zhou, Dr Bowen (Bruce)
Northeastern University, China