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Mr. Paul Brogan
Research Fellow
Photo of Paul Brogan  
E-mail: paul dot brogan at qub dot ac dot uk
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Paul received a first-class Honours degree in Physics in 2005 and a MSc in Plasma Physics in 2009.
When not at university he worked with renewable energy companies and in construction. He has an interest in low-impact, sustainable living and has volunteered and lived with a number of groups engaged in sustainable living experiments.

PhD Research
Wide-area Distributed Generation Control for Grid Stability

Funded by the Charles Parsons Energy Research Award from the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Republic of Ireland.

The primary focus of the research is increasing the potential penetration of renewable energies through promoting grid stability. In the course of this a versatile PMU cabinet has been developed for installation at relevant points on the electrical network i.e. substations, wind farms and power stations. In anticipation of PMU data research has focused on investigating the potential for wide area protection and control. Dynamic grid simulations have been created using the Python PSS/E API. The results from this have been used in two conference papers; work continues on wide area optimization.

Data, made publicly available by EirGrid, is being investigated to find correlation between wind generation and CO2 savings on the Republic of Ireland electrical grid. Research into wind turbine efficacy gives a global figure in relation to environmental savings and economic validity; this research also shows where improvements can be made and how they might be implemented, i.e. smart loading. As part of a cluster-wide effort research and development is continuing into PMU data streaming, security, archival, sharing and real-time analysis. The storage and real-time analysis of PMU data is being developed through the use of historic data.