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PPRC offers Rapra training on Recycling of Plastics to industry

Recycling of Plastics Course Participants

PPRC continues to stay up to date with recent developments in recycling technologies.  We recently underwent training on the "Recycling of Plastics and Managing their Environmental Impact" with Martin Forrest of Smithers Rapra and were very pleased to invite along some of the companies and agencies who are working with PPRC on recycling themed projects to join us. 

Partaking in the course alongside PPRC staff were Colin Breen (DAERA), Martin Doherty (Belfast City Council), Dr Fergal Gribben (Harlequin Manufacturing), Pooja Mandal (Condron Concrete), Gillian Shields (Coca Cola Hellenic) and Dr Eoin Cunningham (School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering).