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History of Seaweed Research

We have an extensive history of seaweed research at QML. Here are some of our previous projects:


Date Project Researchers Publications
1979-1980 Sustainability of seaweed harvesting Matt Dring, Pat Boaden Boaden & Dring (1980)


Seasonality and life history of Strangford Lough algae Christine Maggs

Maggs (1989)

Maggs (1988)

1988 Life history of Gymnogongrus devoniensis Christine Maggs

Parsons et al. (1990)

Maggs et al. (1992)

1999 Molecular study of Entermorpha Jaanika Blomster, Christine Maggs

Blomster et al. (2000); Hayden et al. (2003)

1999 Molecular study of Ceramium Barbara Ward, Christine Maggs  
2003 Invasion of Strangford Lough by Sargassum muticum James Strong, Christine Maggs Strong et al. (2006)
2005 Interaction between limpets and Ascophyllum in Strangford Lough Andrew Davies, Christine Maggs Davies et al. (2007)
2005 Study of maerl beds in Strangford Lough Samantha Vize, Christine Maggs  
2005 Study of maerl growth Charmaine Blake, Christine Maggs  
2005 Ecology of maerl beds Gustavo Hinojosa, Christine Maggs  
2008 Seaweed Hatchery Project    
2010 Biofouling of concrete structures Anne Marie Mahon, Christine Maggs  
2011 EnAlgae Emma Healey, Karen Mooney-McAuley  Mooney-McAuley et al. (2016)
2015 Seagas John Aldridge, Emma Healey, Karen Mooney-McAuley Aldridge et al. (2021)
2015 Influence of wave and current motion on kelp productivity Rachel Millar, Louise Kregting  
2015 Addressing the gaps in marine ecosystem science: The role of kelp in food webs. Abby Gilson, Nessa O'Connor  
2017 Study of Corallina officinalis and Gracilaria vermiculophylla Caroline Magill, Christine Maggs  
2021 Detrital Pathways in Kelp Molly Crowe, Louise Kregting  
2022 Seaweed Hatchery Mechanisation Mánus Cunningham, Emma Healey, Louise Kregting Kregting et al. (2023)
2022 SeaFEED

Mánus Cunningham, Rebecca McKinney, Emma Healey, Louise Kregting, Pamela Walsh