School of Pharmacy

Academic Staff

Academic Staff



Professor Gavin Andrews (Director of Education, Pharmaceutical Science)
Professor Ryan Donnelly
Professor Brendan Gilmore
Professor Carmel Hughes (Head of School)
Professor David Jones (Pro Vice Chancellor, Education and Students)*
Professor Karl Malcolm
Professor Lorraine Martin
Professor Helen McCarthy
Professor Colin McCoy (Faculty Dean of Internationalisation)
Professor James McElnay (Pro-Vice Chancellor Research & Postgraduates)*
Professor Michael Tunney (Director of Research)


* presently allocated to central university management


Honorary Professors

Dr Claire Gilligan (Industrial Pharmacy)


Dr Tianbao Chen
Dr Wafa Al Jamal


Senior Lecturers

Dr Kathi Edkins
Dr Maurice Hall - (Education)
Dr Lezley-Anne Hanna - (Education)
Dr Sharon Haughey - (Education) (Director of Education, Pharmacy)
Dr Vicky Kett
Dr Thakur R.R. Singh
Dr Mei Zhou - (Education)



Dr Heather Barry
Ms Johanne Barry - (Education)
Dr Peter Boyd
Dr Niamh Buckley (Lecturer in Personalised Medicine and Pharmacogenomics)
Dr Roberta Burden
Dr James Burrows
Dr Louise Carson
Dr Dan Corbett - (Education)
Dr Jonathan Coulter
Dr Rebecca Craig - (Education)
Dr Kathi Edkins
Dr Fiona Furlong
Dr Deirdre Gilpin
Dr Briegeen Girvin - (Education)
Mrs Patricia Holden - (Education)
Miss Fiona Hughes - (Education)
Dr Nicola Irwin
Dr Eneko Larraneta
Dr Garry Laverty
Dr Shu Li
Dr Paul McCague - (Education)
Dr Carole Parsons
Dr Yiwei Tian
Dr Irina Tikhonova
Dr Lei Wang


Boots Teacher Practitioner

Fiona McCallion


Professor Emeritus

Professor Paul Collier
Professor Sean Gorman
Professor David Hirst
Professor Chris Shaw
Professor Brian Walker
Professor David Woolfson