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Research Infrastructure

Our research is supported by state of the art laboratories and equipment which include:

  • Animal Behaviour Centre including a dedicated reception area
  • Perception Laboratory Suite including Cambridge Research Systems Visage system
  • Electrophysiology Laboratory containing BIOPAC and GSR facilities
  • Hand-eye coordination Laboratory containing Codamotion motion tracking system
  • The Noldus Observer XT laboratory for collecting analyzing and presenting observation data 
  • Social Interaction Lab, including  sound and visual stimulation of emotion incorporating Microsoft Kinect, 2 Oculus Rifts and NAO Humanoid Robot
  • Eye tracking laboratory, including 2 SMI portable eye trackers 125Hz, 250Hz. 60Hz SMI mobile eye tracking glasses
  • Eyelink 1000Hz eye tracker
  • Perception Action Research Laboratory containing Qualisys Oqus capture cameras
  • Movement Innovation Lab (located in QUB Physical Education Centre – the University’s main sports centre) contains Qualisys Oqus capture cameras, Intersense motion tracking and a Golf Performance Centre with golf course simulator and shot tracker
  • Motor Control Laboratories containing MagStim TMS and Polhemus motion tracking facilities
  • Auditory Processing Laboratory including EEG for children and full sound isolating booth
  • Human Experimental (HEX) Laboratory includes a mix of enclosed cubicles and less formally separated data collection stations all with fully updated computing facilities including E-Prime and associated button boxes
  • Optical Oximetry laboratory including Artinis Oxysoft MK3 fNIRS Near field infrared spectrometer and analyzing software
  • Experimental Lab for Human Reasoning (computers updated 2017)
  • Identity and Intergroup Relations Lab currently contains a suite of data collection computers and standalone cameras
  • Movement and Balance laboratory including BalanceMaster and Tapping equipment
  • Child Developmental Laboratory with integrated cameras linked to adjacent video control room
  • EEG Laboratory includes NeuroScan EEG system interfaced with an E-Prime stimulus presentation computer

Laptops are available for students collecting experimental data in remote locations.

Within the School there is a comprehensive Test Collection Library with a fully searchable database

In addition to the staff laboratories there are a small number of testing rooms available for the use of UG, PGT and PGR students. These can be equipped with a variety of equipment, PC’s running in-house experiments mostly created with E-Prime, electrophysiology equipment, video recording facilities, etc.

For more information relating to PG Research within the School of Psychology, visit our PG Research Study pages.

Technical support staff

Mr Paul Coulter Senior Electronics and IT Technician 028 9097 4351 DKB O1.524
Mr Kamil Kanas Electronic Engineer 028 9097 4548 DKB O1.511
Mr Fred Maddalena Supervising Electronics Workshop Technician 028 9097 5448 DKB O1.508