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Industry 4.0: Putting Theory Into Practice

Industry 4.0: Putting theory into practice

Advanced Manufacturing Ireland and Seagate Technology are proud to present the Industry 4.0 symposium within the Control Conference at Queens University Belfast.  The symposium will hear from leading Industry experts on the business value to be gained by factory digitisation and hear of some real-world examples of manufacturing solutions enabled by the digital factory.

Venue: Conference Room 2, Riddel Hall, Stranmillis Road, Queen's University Belfast

Time: Thursday, 1st Sept, 10.30-12.30

Micheal Cassidy
Micheal has been the Chief Technology Officer of Irish Manufacturing Research since its foundation in 2014, having previously served as CTO of both ICMR and i2e2.  Micheal led the creation of the organisation and its growth to over 20 researchers with Innovation centres in Dublin and Mullingar.  Prior to that, he held various Research and Management roles in multinational and SME manufacturing companies, including TDK, Philips and NTERA.

Cormac McAteer
Cormac McAteer is Senior Engineering Manager of the Factory Analytic and Control Systems team. He has a BSc Honours Degree in Electronic Science and 21 years of experience in manufacturing and engineering. He is an expert in the field of Advanced Process Control and authored a paper on "Evolution of Intelligent Factory control systems - from small acorns" IMC29 Belfast and co-authored a paper on "Driving Decisions with Automated Workflow and R" - APC conference 2016 Reutlingen. He currently leads the introduction of Hadoop "Big Data" technologies into Seagate Springtown.

Speaker 1

Brian Cooney is General Manager for KUKA Robotics Ireland, subsidiary of the renowned German Engineering Group KUKA AG.
A mechanical engineer by background, he has worked in industrial Automation for more than 30 years and has held senior engineering, sales and management positions in high profile companies including ABB and CPI Technology.
With more than 20 years of experience in robotics, he has been at the forefront of the technology in Irish Manufacturing and is a regular speaker and participant on many industry and Manufacturing forums as well as advisor to many companies on an individual basis.

Presentation Abstract
Industry 4.0 is a revolution in manufacturing that is on its way whether we like it or not. Global megatrends and consumer demands are changing the way manufacturers produce and supply their products to meet ever changing customer requirements. Disruptive Technologies require new business models and this means that machine suppliers like KUKA must also prepare for Industry 4.0, not only in the products they manufacture but also in how they are manufactured and sold. This presentation will demonstrate how KUKA is responding to Industry 4.0.

Speaker 2

Domhnall Carroll, Division lead, Digital Factory division, Siemens Ltd.
Domhnall leads the Industrial business in Ireland at Siemens,  a leading global supplier of manufacturing automation equipment, software and services.  In addition to the local business of Siemens Ltd.,  Domhnall is currently focussed on the global development of data driven services in support of Industry 4.0 and the factory of the future.   Based in the Siemens Operations Centre in Dublin, this work is part of Siemens’ R&D activities in industrial data analytics.
Domhnall joined Siemens in 2003, prior to this having held roles in engineering, sales and marketing in the electrical industry.  

Presentation Abstract
With more than 300 manufacturing sites worldwide, Siemens is using the principles and technologies of Industrie 4.0 to help implement its advanced manufacturing strategy.  This presentation gives examples of how Siemens applies Industrie 4.0 to its manufacturing operations and where the business benefits come from.  

Speaker 3

Dr. Fergus Quilligan, Principal Investigator, Irish Manufacturing Research
Fergus studied Experimental Physics at University College Dublin, and obtained a PhD in Physics in 2001, and has worked on site with both the European Space Agency and NASA. He has 19 years’ experience in the application of analytical techniques to large scale industrial data, with over 13 years of that spent in Intel. He has extensive industrial experience in managing large scale projects from concept through research and development to commercial deployment with a proven history of designing and implementing technical breakthroughs. Multiple publications and has led Irish strategy workshops on analytics for manufacturing companies in Industry 4.0, leading ideation and generating improvement roadmaps and working groups. He sits on the Industry 4.0 National Steering Committee.

Presentation Abstract
With the development of the smart factory and continued improvements in data availability, the manufacturing landscape is ripe for solutions that use this newly available information in order to improve processes. However, despite the significant benefits that can be achieved by improved technology, the transition from human-centred activities to a more automated approach can be difficult. One such topic is in the area of dynamic production planning and scheduling. In complex environments, optimisation algorithms can generate superior production plans, but they can lack the flexibility and understanding of context that a human operator can bring. In this talk we present the solution of a joint cognitive system to overcome this barrier to implementation, where man and machine collaborate for success. This solution, GreyBox, has been tested & implemented successfully in multiple industrial environments.

Speaker 4
Paul Beales, Senior Staff Engineer, Seagate
Paul Beales is a Sr Staff Engineer within the Factory Analytic and Control Systems team at Seagate Springtown (Northern Ireland). He has a B.Eng (Hons) in Electronic Engineering from Queens University Belfast with 18 years experience in Engineering, Manufacturing, Six Sigma & Data Analytics. He strengths include: Event driven Workflow Automation & deployment of Statistical Anomaly Detection/Machine Learning algorithms to the business. He is a Certified 6 Sigma BlackBelt and is currently responsible for championing the growth of Data Science within Seagate, leading the transformation from Traditional BI to Advanced Analytics.